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Our First trip to France, on Film

Luke had picked up a 35 mm film camera as a special treat for our honeymoon along with black and white film, for all the feels of course, and just a couple days into our trip, the back of the camera broke - and we thought for sure it was all exposed, lost, and our digital clips would be doing all the storytelling. We believed this so much so that we didn't even send the film off to be developed until a couple of years later - seriously! Luke sent it to the film lab on a whim, a why not? And how surprised we were when the scanned images turned out absolutely perfect. And we were instantly whisked off into the nostalgia of the feelings of our first time visiting France together, our cups filled to the brim - indeed, this gallery still has us grinning as we print it for our hallway, our belated honeymoon book, prints for our keepsake boxes, and we find ourselves perpetually posting it on instagram. So naturally, I wanted to share it here - to share how it felt in those days, and how fitting it was to celebrate the earliest days after our nuptials through our wanderings in that romantic city, and looking through these black and white film images helps keeps those affections close to the surface as we keep saying I do. - A


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