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Lomography 400 and The Prince of Wales Hotel

The little Nikon point and shoot film camera made her debut in colour this round, the colours of the Lomography 400 film stock are to diiee for and we couldn't be happier with how the snaps turned out from our getaway to wine country to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The sweeping fields of grapes, quaint downtown, romantic Peller Estates, and our room at The Prince of Wales Hotel made it a weekend to remember. This town two hours away from Toronto was a place to dream and scoop up the memories of the last three years of married life, and remind ourselves and each other of how God has richly given us more than we could imagine in this haven we call marriage.

We ran out before the double-blind chef's choice courses began (what a treat!) to capture a few moments on film, and I'm so glad we did. We gravitated towards the orange blooms you can see in the corner of that left frame - reminiscent of the orange blooms I carried in my bouquet on our wedding day.

Luke has never stopped making me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, and he insists on taking my photo at every turn. I think our love for each other fills in the gaps, and sees past the flaws, and I feel so fortunate to share a love like this.

The temps were perfect during the second week of October, and the grapes on the vines, as you can see, were striking in their deep colour and just the sheer volume on the vines was impressive. Wine country was enchanting.

We finished the night with a few photos in front of the hotel - and the flash turned out to be nicely flattering, and definitely set a different mood. The Prince of Wales Hotel was perfectly just a bit over the top, and memorable.

See what I mean about Luke always seeing (and capturing) the best version of me? I sent this photo to my mom laughing at myself for buying the cavalier bag from a local souvenir shop while we were there, and she responded with "you look like a movie star!". And what can I say, marrying a photographer that can get that shot in one take on a vintage film camera, well, it has its perks.

I love you to the moon, Luke Cleland. And marriage isn't always glamorous like I was feeling in this photo, but it's worth it. And I'm so thankful to have you. Happy number three.

Family selfie inside our room - the flash accidently went off (my bad!) but I still love it. I wouldn't have a full gallery without it.

All my best til next time,



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