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Maha's Honey Cardamom Latte

Anti-inflammatory, digestive friendly, bad-breath kicking, pH balancing all in one healthy spice, turns out cardamom even packs a powerful antioxidant punch. The cardamom seed and plant is in the ginger family, and it is often difficult to use in a culinary way, but not for Mark, the barista at Maha's, who has really mastered the science and art of drawing out the delicious flavour. Initially I thought it was nostalgia that kept me coming back to this drink, having it in its lovely iced form on the day my boyfriend at the time popped the question (photo below, how beautiful is that iced latte?!). But now we've been married a year and half and it's become my incentive reward to get work done as of late, so it's gotta be more than nostalgia, eh?

I thought it would be fitting to be my first review and recommendation for Toronto's healthy food scene, partly because we live right next door. And yes I realize there's dollops of ice cream there, but I'm a believer in the 80/20 rule, and there's a simple hot version too. Anyway, if it's not already obvious, I give it a two thumbs up. And from a health perspective, it's because of the pH balancing nature of the cardamom. Coffee, being on the acidic side, throws our body into work to reach homeostasis, but add a spice like cardamom, and the body doesn't have to work so hard, so let's cue all the happy clapping emojis for that.

So next time you're on the east end Torontonians, and new-to-Toronto explorers, check out Maha's Egyptian Brunch, and don't forget to grab their delicious honey cardamom latte!


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